Sabina Sypien

December 1939
July 2023


Sabina was born in Poland. She came to the US when she was 10 and became a citizen of the United States. She grew up near Hamtramck Michigan. She married Frank Sypien in 1960. She has five children: Kenneth (who died at birth), Kathleen, Karine, Kevin, and Joseph. She has seven grandchildren: Allyssa, Caitlin, Robert, Luke, Colleen, Molly, and Thor; and five great-grandchildren: Emalyne, Benson, Isla, Lainie, and Zane. Sabina and her husband Frank owned a motel and party store in Houghton Lake Michigan. Sabina was an avid gardener whose gardens were admired by many. She loved bingo and going to casinos. Sabina was also an avid reader of romance novels. She loved to FaceTime with her great-grandchildren. Sabina had an indomitable spirit. Nothing and no one stood in her way! Sabina will be missed dearly by her family, especially her husband of 63 years, Frank.

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