Sally Hillman

November 1947
November 2021


Sally Ann Hillman was the daughter of Emilie Ihme Jones, for whom her fondness, love and admiration knew no bounds. She was a college graduate and a Registered Nurse, but her greatest sense of accomplishment and joy came from being a mother and a grandmother. She cherished her family, friendships, memories, traditions, and Norwegian heritage. She found purpose in caring for others and peace through worship. She was a great observer and storyteller, finding amusement and humor in the irony of life, human (and animal) behavior. She enjoyed and valued interacting with people. She loved to share a look or a laugh, even with a stranger, and to give and receive respect and kindness. She was proud to be seen as caring, accepting, compassionate, and tolerant, especially where others failed to be. She is greatly loved and missed.

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