Sarah Ramirez

July 1948
November 2022


Sarah Ramirez was born on July 10th, 1948, in Fresno, CA to her parents Raul and Jessie Ramirez. Most of Sarah’s childhood was spent in Del Rey with her parents, many brothers, and one sister. As a young adult, Sarah had one son. Later in life, Sarah moved to Roseville, CA where she worked and retired from Pride Workshop. In Sarah’s free time, she enjoyed shopping at the local Farmer’s Market, Sarah also loved the holidays, her favorite was Thanksgiving. Family was very important to Sarah; to remember her family members’ birthdays, she would keep a ledger of everyone’s date of birth. One of Sarah’s favorite past times included writing and receiving handwritten letters from her loved ones. Sarah enjoyed taking walks, going to church, and praying for her loved ones. She was also an avid reader; her favorite was the Bible. Sarah was a kind soul, a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt, and friend who will be dearly missed.

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