Savita Patel

April 1939
December 2023


Savita Patel was born on April 1, 1939, in Gujarat, India. As the eldest daughter in a family of 3 brothers, she was always known for her devotion to her family. Her nurturing spirit extended beyond her immediate family, touching the lives of friends and family alike. In 1962, Savita met Ishwar Patel and they were married. In 1980, driven by dreams of new opportunities and a better life for their three children, Savita and Ishwar decided to immigrate to America. Settling in the city of Chicago, they were surrounded by a close-knit community with Savita’s brothers and her nieces and nephews. With her soft-spoken nature, Savita was a source of comfort and stability for those around her. Upon their arrival in America, Savita first worked as a babysitter and worked long hours to provide for her family. Later, Savita and Ishwar turned their American dream into a reality when they opened a restaurant, where Savita’s culinary talents made her known in the local community of Chicago. Her soups, gyros, and milkshakes became beloved by the community. Her family often recalls dinner nights at their house, where all the nieces and nephews would gather to eat her delicious pizza. Later, Savita and Ishwar retired to Florida, where they enjoyed warm weather and traveling the world. Some of their notable trips include a 28-day European adventure, visiting the glaciers in Alaska, a 6-island vacation in the Caribbean, and a southeast Asia tour. Whether we knew her as Mom, Baa, Foi, or Ben, her legacy will live on through the lives of those that she has touched. Her life reflects the journey of resilience and opportunity that many immigrants undertake, and may her story inspire others to dare to dream and embrace new opportunities that come their way.

Friends & Family

She is survived by her husband of 61 years, Ishwar; daughter Seema; Pankaj son; brothers, Kanti, Narhari, and Kirit; grandchildren, Krishna, Meera, Nikki, Kevin, Roma, Jamin, Rushi; great-grand-daughter Amaya. Preceded in death by her son Vijay.

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