Serena Ann Clements

November 1950
August 2023


My name is Serena Marie and I'd like to share with you the kind of person my mother was. My mom was a very nice, sweet, loving, loyal, and very caring person you would ever want to meet. She had a heart of gold. She would help anyone she came in contact with. She was a very wonderful, loving mother to me. She was a sweetheart. She was my angel on Earth and now in Heaven. Whoever is blessed to have my mother's organs or tissues from donation you are blessed to receive a wonderful gift from a wonderful, loving, sweet, caring human being that had walked on this earth for 72 years. Thank you, daughter of Serena Ann Clements. My name is Lena Smith and I'm Serena Ann Clements' cousin. I'd like to share what kind of person my cousin was. She was my older cousin but she was more like my big sister. We grew up together and attended the same school and church. Our very strict grandmother made sure we attend church every Sunday. My cousin was one of the sweetest people you would come in contact with. She was a very hard-working woman who raised her daughter on her own. I loved my cousin and I miss her dearly. She was a God-fearing woman who loved Jesus and accepted him at a young age. Lena Smith, cousin of Serena Ann Clements.

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