Sharon Anne Sussman

February 1946
July 2022


Who was Sharon? Sharon was a mother, grandmother, sister, friend and nurse whose personality the English language fails to describe. She loved her diet coke, a chocolate chip cookie and a good movie when she wanted to stay in. Otherwise you could find her driving up and down the East coast in her convertible. Her heart was filled with a love that engulfed everyone she came in contact with. There isn't a person that could say anything negative about her. Her family was always the most important thing to her and she was definitely the most important to our family. Even though she isn't here with us now, she is in the sunlight that shines upon us during the day, the music that plays on our radios, the wind in our hair as we fly down the highway and in the rain that let us dance in the puddles with her. Sharon can only be described as love in its purest form; a love that she has imprinted upon us for all time.

Friends & Family

Debra Sussman, Lori Piazza, she will be missed by all of her friends and family.

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