Sharon Smith

March 1960
August 2022


Sharon J. Smith was a wife, mother, grandmother, best friend, aunt, artist, and interior decorator. She touched the lives of many, often never really knowing that she influenced them for the better. She was the truth and the myth of a "Redhead with emerald green eyes" born in Knoxville , TN. She was married for 44 years and knew her husband for 47 years. She bore 3 children which lead to a total of 14 grandchildren. She is survived by her sister, 2 of 3 children, and her husband, along with all 14 of her grandchildren. Her desire to donate her body so others in some way could be helped, even in her passing, was a long and very personal wish and in reading the feedback legacy letter from Science Care, it appears that many will, in some way, be touched by that donation. Sharon loved art and was very awesome at her projects. She was a very excellent interior designer and could basically repurpose even trash to become a treasure. One of her art projects, ", was very close to her spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and it is a legacy that is being passed along to one of her granddaughters. She had many passions and in them, she was deeply passionate. Though shy in almost every aspect of her life, she was vibrant with Love, compassion, and an understanding more than most who thought they knew her would ever really know. Her Love for animals was also very wonderful, her dogs, "Fluffy", "Gizmo", and "Princes", and her childhood dog, "butch" were constantly shared memories. Sharon's care and love for these animals was "over the top". Near the end of her life she got a Parrot she named Fred. Her interaction with Fred also was very close. So much so, that when she passed Fred mourned for her for 3 days. That was the impact she had on animals and more so on people. She is so Loved and one day we who are all believers in Jesus Christ will see her again! (She gave orders it better be so! Momma not happy, no one be happy.) To her, honor always, with the total Love from her family we give tribute to her.

Friends & Family

Charlotte (sister), Ray(Husband), Shawn (eldest son) passed., Scott (younger son), Shelyn (daughter), Michele (niece), Brian (nephew), Anthony, Ryan, Daniel, Tyler, Eric, Joe, Kenny, Rocko & Nick (grandsons), Jazlyn, Makala, Brianna, Ellie, and Gina (granddaughters), Jessica and Julie (daughter-in-law), MaryRose (mother) passed, Frank (stepfather) passed, all the kids from Ash Ave and 50 F st who called her "Mom".

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