Sherryl DeMoines

July 1963
December 2022


On December 26th, 2022 at 4:19 in the evening, Mama decided it was her final moment…..just as she planned…smiling on her way out. Sherryl Lynn DeMoines was born July 6, 1963, in Pontiac Michigan. The 59 years she spent on this earth are best understood from her perspective. For that to be done, one of her hidden talents will have to be revealed; she was a published poet! Though most of her literary work was kept remarkably private, she stepped out of her safe haven every now and again throughout the years. Whoever was fortunate enough to stumble upon such works, found themselves engrossed, if only for a moment! Below are a few of her thoughts that she chose to share with the world before she left……Reasons For Leaving: As I leave you, remember this, together we have changed life as it is. The good times and memories, wherever you go, Together then apart, we will always know. Please do not shed any tears as I pass, remember, I love you, and that’s what lasts. Years from now, I hope you are able to reflect, think back, and Find joy in our extraordinary connection, and love we did not lack. Someday you’ll tell your kids, the things you learned, I hope the world can see the good in return! At the end of the day, when you close your eyes at night, you will see that when I leave this world, it will be all right. —Sherryl DeMoines Throughout her life, Sherryl found herself at utmost peace when she was near the ocean. Venice, Florida became that serene place where she’d visit and genuinely be able to breathe. She escaped many of the harsh Michigan winter months while fishing, camping, and soaking up the sun on the beaches of Venice! Another hobby of Sherryl’s was shooting pool; she spent many years in a pool league, most recently shooting multiple nights a week. Sherryl is survived by her loving partner, Troy, her children, and her multiple grandchildren. Her friends, both old and new, were so important to her as she is forever grateful for each and every moment she spent with them! After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in July of 2022, she stated many times, “well my ticket on the JC Train (Jesus Christ Train) just became the kind with no stops! Like grandma used to say…. shit happens!!” While contemplating her final arrangements, she got word about the benefits of body donation. After reviewing the information, speaking with her loved ones, and hearing a few remarkable stories, she entrusted her remains to Science Care. A Celebration of Life will be held in Mama’s remembrance in July of 2023 followed by a final trip to her favorite place, Venice, Florida. Sherryl’s wish was that even if there was only a slight chance, she hoped to leave a legacy! Mama— thank you for leaving us with so much more LYMTYWEK

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