Shirley Jordan

December 1960
February 2023


She was a mother of 3 girls, and very stubborn. She always had people laughing with her goofy attitude. In 2012 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She beat that. Then in 2021 she got breast cancer, removed a breast, and was good. About 6 months later she got the news cancer spread into her bones. The medication she was taking, helped for a while. Slowly the change started happening. She went for a pet scan on February 6, 2023, and got the results on February 12, 2023. They were not good. It spread so much. The doctor stated he didn't think she had more than two weeks. I (the youngest of the 3 girls) made the choice to go get her and bring her to my house. I got her to my house on the 15th of February. The first two days she was still talking, eating, and getting up. Saturday the 18th we had a family reunion, she was so very tired but she wanted to go. We got her up and ready and took her to see her family. She was loved on and she ate, but then she started getting tired. After a while, we needed to bring her home. I told her she wouldn't have to move again. She slept and didn't want to eat and was not able to get up to use the bathroom. Monday morning around 5 am she had a lucid moment she shared with my sister. The following 2 days she was not responding, eating, or anything. She wanted to donate her body to help us not have to pay thousands of dollars. By Wednesday the 22nd, we knew the time was coming. She fought long and hard. She tried to live as much as she could. 11:26 pm she took her last breath. My mother wasn't perfect and made many mistakes, but if she loved you, she loved you with her whole heart. If something comes from her donation it would be amazing, to help someone or something in the future. We love you mom, we see the signs and we know you're okay.

Friends & Family

Tanya Thompson (daughter); Tiffany Thompson (daughter); Rikki Jordan (daughter); Kirsten Pikschus (granddaughter); Owen Pelham (grandson); Jace Calderon (grandson); Chance Santos (grandson)

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