Sophie Matylewicz

October 1954
March 2024


I can write a whole book on how great my mom was but I will make this tribute short but memorable. My mom was a caring person that even though we didn't have the funds for a lot of stuff she would give the shirt off her back to make things happen so we had a happy life. She was such a giving person and that's why she decided to donate her body to science after she was diagnosed with colon cancer 7 years ago to help anyone else with the same disease. She fought till her last breath and I only hope as her only daughter to be just like her. Mom will be greatly missed.

Friends & Family

Mitchell Matylewicz (husband); Martha Bonilla (daughter); Andrew Matylewicz (son); Nicholas (grandson); Jonathon (grandson); Matthew (grandson); Angel Bonilla (son-in-law); Susana Matylewicz (daughter-in-law); River Matylewicz (grandson )

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