Stacy Jo (Pitts) Hall

December 1966
March 2023


Daughter, sister, mother, teacher, advocate, and friend were just some of the many roles or titles Stacy had in her 56 years of life. She was born in Kansas City, MO to Marilyn Weaver and Charles Pitts and their family would grow to include a younger daughter, Amy Downs. As she grew up they would move all over the USA and even to the United Kingdom for her father’s work. Eventually, they made their way to Lehi, Utah. It was here Stacy would meet her future husband, Von Hall. In January 1985, Stacy and Von were married and would go on to celebrate 38 years of marriage and have two children- a daughter named Lauren and a son named Austin. Advocacy, education, and literacy were very important to her, not only in pursuing higher education but in the community around her. She worked with and ran a variety of patient navigation groups to build a support network and educate others about invisible illnesses. In this line of work she not only applied her firsthand experience in dealing with long-term health issues, research skills, silly sense of humor, and a large dose of kindness. She could connect with people so easily and many would say they felt at ease around her. Instances of sitting next to her out in public would result in them telling Stacy their whole life story, people would just gravitate toward her. She is survived by her parents, sister, husband, and children. Her service will be a private event to celebrate her life in the Phoenix, AZ area in the near future. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to an organization that helps research and support those living with autoimmune illnesses or those coping with mental health issues: Diabetes- Mental Health- NAMI

Friends & Family

Von Hall, Marilyn Weaver, Austin Hall, Lauren Hall, Amy Downs, Bill Pyles, Sara Downs, Sam Downs, and many others.

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