Summer Kloers

February 1995
April 2024


Summer Roisin Kloers was born on February 15, 1995, in Miami, Florida. She spent her childhood between Texas and Florida. After graduating in 2013, she went to ITT tech but wanted more. Summer was someone who wanted to truly help people. She was an avid gamer, an artist, a writer, and an activist. She was honest and kind, and her favorite flowers were violets--her birthflower--which is the first sign of life in the coming spring. Like her, its striking beauty overtakes the gray of winter. In October 2023, Summer and her partner Macie left for Connecticut, then went west to Illinois. In the last months of her life, she was finally able to focus on becoming who she was and embracing it. She spent her last days with her mother, her pets, Macie, and their children, leaving for somewhere better on April 24th. She is survived by her partner, her mom and dad Marta and Jorge, her younger sister Jayleen, and her paternal grandparents. She was abundantly loved. No matter where she went, people were drawn to her. She had the type of personality where you knew you were safe to be yourself around her.

Friends & Family

Martina Kloers, Jorge Kloers, Jayleen Kloers, Macie Kyle, Link Kyle, Finn Kyle

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