Suzanne Gonzalez

December 1938
April 2023


Suzanne was my mom. She had a strong love for Jesus...and cats!!! She was creative and handcrafts were lovingly produced as gifts. She had a flair for painting on wood and also knitting. I inherited some of these talents as I absolutely love to paint on wood, and glass jars (homegrown honey to give as gifts) and I have a good relationship with my glue did she. She also passed down her Pawnee American native heritage to me, albeit I have green eyes and silver hair! She, on the other hand, looked like the spitting image of her grandmother, the orphaned babe of stricken Pawnee parents who were found with their wagon in the Texas desert by my great grandparents who took Minnie Ola as their own. My mother's middle name was Ola, in honor of her grandmother. My mom is happy and laughing in heaven with her Savior. I am so grateful that her selfless donation is going to help others. It is a good legacy for sure. May God richly bless all who benefit from this.

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