Terry Davis

September 1949
March 2024


To all of my fellow Casita Hermosa friends and fellow neighbors, owners, and visitors, I wanted to give thanks for all your help and support in the last days as most of you know or have heard of my wife “Terry Davis “ passing away this last Sunday morning at Anthem Hospital. I had hoped she would have recovered from her previous stay at a nursing home/rehabilitation facility, but she was pushed out and sent home after a few weeks and was definitely not ready to return home without more nursing care. She was such a sweet soul and always wanted to know more about others' lives and their families. She didn’t get a chance to talk and visit with a lot of our friends and neighbors here at the Condos as she wasn’t walking very well and couldn’t seem to stand up for herself too much, but if she had a chance to, she would have been an absolute pleasure to chat with her and she would have wanted to know all about you and your kids and family. I couldn’t ask for a greater group of friends, neighbors, and fellow golfers 🏌️‍♀️ and dedicated people here in our community than I am blessed to be part of. Thank you all so much for your support and your giving in any and all ways that you have and continue to show your caring and kind hearts 💕 Charles Davis / 863

Friends & Family

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