Theresa Manty

October 1949
December 2023


Theresa Manty was my aunt, who died at 74 years of age, from dementia. She had a major stroke in 2019 and was no longer independent. Six months before, we had done a Power of Attorney and medical durable, in case something should happen. It’s the best to do for your family or friends. My aunt was so special, she died on Christmas Day. She truly Blessed me. What I thought would be more quality time ended up with ‘not enough time, life is short’. I can only say “I’m gonna miss you, and I love you a lot Auntie” Rest in Peace.🤟🏽

Friends & Family

Frank, Frances Villanueva, Valerie Haynes, Lisa Williams, Rachel Sanchez, Angela Mares, Janet Trujillo, Patty…

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