Thomas Gugliucci

December 1950
November 2023


Mr. Thomas “Tommy” Gugliucci, 72, passed away on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, surrounded by loving family. Tommy was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, then resided for many years in New Jersey until finally retiring to sunny Delray Beach, Florida for the last six years. Tommy was a wonderful, loving partner, father, brother, and uncle. Though naturally stoic on the inside, Tommy had a knack for amiable, quick-witted conversation and possessed a far-reaching sense of humor. His contagious laugh could make you smile even when you did not want to and it was his endearing way of letting family and friends know how much he loved and cared about them. One thing you would not see Tommy without was his flip-flops, and no matter the weather, he would be wearing them proudly. Tommy loved sports and was an extraordinary athlete who played baseball, hockey, football, and softball. His passion, however, was baseball. His position was shortstop, and the skill set he displayed on the diamond at Wagner College ultimately lifted him to the ranks of Semi-Pro in the farm system of the Saint Louis Cardinals. When Tommy hung up his jersey for the last time, he went to work for the Richmond County Supreme Court as a Court Clerk. After a career full of dedication, friendship, and unique moments of hilarity only the court system can provide, he retired in 2007. Tommy made friends easily, especially over the last few years in Delray Beach where he touched many lives. Whether you knew him as Tommy, Guluch, or Pumpkin, the memories will be lasting, held close to the heart, and of course, filled with many laughs.

Friends & Family

Sara Gugliucci, Ginny Healy, Kevin Healy, Maryann Greenawalt

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