Thomas McConnell

June 1964
October 2022


Thomas "Tom" was a very strong and happy man. Loved to ride his motorcycle, always put his family first and loved his fur babies. Even though his marriage to Victoria McConnell was only 3 years but they shared a lifetime of love. His love continued for his friends. He will never be forgotten but forever loved.

Friends & Family

Surviving wife (Victoria McConnell), Surviving child (Thomas McConnell lV and daughter-in-law Michelle McConnell), Surviving child (Loretta McConnell and finance Ivan), Step-children (Milayna Moran and Tiffany McBride), Nephews (Jonathan and Carter), Niece(Tessa), Grandchildren (Samuel, Shalayla, Whitlea, Anna, and Shelby), Mother-in-law (Diane Wold)

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