Timothy Burke

March 1961
February 2024


•Life’s Silver Screen• In life’s movie, we play our part, each beat of the heart, a scene to chart. Laughter and tears, a shared embrace, In the grand finale, we find our place. The show’s over, the credits roll, yet memories linger, a heart and soul. A filmstrip of moments, both near and far, in the cinema of life, our guiding star. As the screen fades, the lights grow dim, our journey continues, a sequel to begin. In the silent theater of eternal rest, may you find peace and be forever blessed. We love you, Tim. Forever & Always.

Friends & Family

Ted T Burke (Son), Ted E Burke (Grandson), Susan Cantu (Sister), Rachel Cantu (Niece), Carol Zoll (Mother), Jessica Perez (Daughter In Law)

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