Tommy Cruces

July 1966
February 2022


Tom Cruces, was a caring and loving husband, father and grandpa. He loved his family and friends. Tom was married for 22 yrs. in May 2001 Tom was diagnosed with brain cancer and became permanently disabled in 2003. Tom was given 3 months to live after his surgery in 5/2001. God had another plan for Tom and blessed him with many good years of remission. Tom later was diagnosed with colon cancer in 5/2021 and lost his battle to cancer in February 2022 . Tom had 1 stepdaughter and adopted 5 children. Tom foster children from 2001-2012. Tom coached his children baseball and basketball teams and loved opening day when the kids were all in uniform. He had a smile from ear to ear opening day. He had a good ear for music. He enjoyed all types of music. He also has a big collection of comic books. He loved sports, his favorite teams were the Clippers, Angels, Green Bay Packers and the Kings. Tom was blessed by his Boss who bought him tickets for the Angels 2002 World Series game, considering he was doing chemo there was no way he was going to miss the game. He was one happy camper. Tom loved school and work . He graduated a year early from Don Bosco Tech High school and attended Long Beach State. Tom had never missed a day of school from kinder through college and never missed a day of work. Due to the cancer Tom wasn’t able to finish school at Long Beach State. Tom was engineer for Eaton for 17 years until he became permanently disabled. He lived everyday like it was last. Our family is definitely going to miss him.

Friends & Family

Spouse, Laura Cruces Daughters, Dolores Chavez, Lauren CrucesSon’s, Isaiah Cruces, Isaac Cruces, Anthony Cruces, Dylan Cruces Grandchildren, Daniel Cattani, Jonas Chavez, Olivia Grace Chavez Mother in-law, Theresa Ramirez Daughter in-law, Ruth ChavezIn-laws, Greg & Lisa Ramirez, Eddie & Velia Ramirez, Ron & Caroline Montes, Edith Armendariz Nieces and Nephews, Kristina Ramirez, Rebecca Ramirez, Remi Moon Rojes, Teresa Rojes, Nick Rojes, Julian Ramirez, Dominique Ramirez, Ronnie Montes, Jayden Montes, Elijah Montes, Mason Quintero, Kimberly Quintero, Mikey Quintero, Ryan Lopez, Sarah Lopez, Fabian Lopez, Zoey Lopez, Zara Lopez, Zak Lopez, Zain Lopez, Jessica Lopez, Jorge Armendariz, Jorge Armendariz Jr.Friends, Inez Castro, Louie Castro, Manuel Moreno, Rosie Reyes, Vince Alatorre, Emily Gabaldon, Teresa GabaldonMother, Angela CrucesBrothers, Vince Cruces, Roland Cruces In-laws, Ellen Cruces, Lillian CrucesNiece and Nephews, Frankie Rodriquez, Gabriel Rodriguez, Mary Jane Rodriguez, Louie Rodriguez, Violet Rodriguez, Grace Rodriguez, Ray Cruces, Roland Cruces, Raymond Cruces, Rebecca Cruces, Desire Perez

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