Valerie Carter

October 1954
November 2023


She was a loving mother to many and a very good nurse she was a daughter to loving parents a sister to a great brother and a wife to a loving husband but most important she was the most caring person I have known she was a nurse for babies and older people as well she was just the greatest woman she loved her children and only wanted to make us happy she would give anyone the shirt off of her back if they needed it I can remember so many great things she had but one story stands out the most. When my son was having trouble with his father, and my mom stepped up and decided to take on another kid, he was fourteen but she took him in. And got full guardianship of him really quickly and helped me to realize that she would always be there no matter what the circumstances were.

Friends & Family

Danielle Marie Brown / Mural Angela Nicole Brown her daughters Matthew Carter her son Allysia Leona Brown grand daughter Austin Micheal Libby grand son Autumn Marie Ramos granddaughter Melissa Anne Marie Lawson granddaughter Joshua Brett Benjamin Hasenauer grand son Cadence Libby great granddaughter Cooper Libby great grandson Owen and Rory Banticula great grandsons Mark Murell son in law Jerry Schuessler son in law Pablo Banticulo great grandson in law Also the one who passed before her Robert lee Carter husband and Jeffery dean lawson son and her brother Steven Joslin and her sister in law Linda Joslin

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