Vertenis Ruth Shephard

November 1933
January 2023


Vertenis Ruth Shepard better known as “Vertie” was a true independent entrepreneur., loving mother and proud grandmother. She survived some really difficult times in her life but so balanced out by great family events. Her caring of her two sons, Aaron and Dennis was a life commitment. She doted over her only grandson, Chris. She served this world as a registered nurse, even working in her later years as a phlebotomist. She also owned her own plant business. She loved taking trips to the local and Vegas casinos. Her voice, spirit and aura will truly be missed. Love you “mom!

Friends & Family

Aaron G. Donerson (deceased son); Dennis L. Donerson (son); Aaron Christopher Donerson (grandson); Urania (loving sister); Tanya, Lorinda, Linda (nieces); Zoe Robinson (lifelong friend); Rebecca, Porsha (friends); Jojo (friend, caretaker); Rosemary Donerson( loved one)

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