Wanda Meek

June 1947
September 2022


Wanda married the love her life, Johnnie four days after her 18th birthday and went on to be a proud military spouse for over 20 years. They were married 57 years. She was a devoted Mother to two daughters Michele and Melanie and went on to become a nurturing loving Memaw to Elizabeth, Sarah, Kaitlyn and Ethan. She very much enjoyed when her great- grandkids came along Garrett, Kylie,Kinsley,Carson, Elinor and Isaiah. We are proud that she chose to donate her body to science to hopefully help in research to cure Alzheimer’s. As her friend Guy wrote “She is now free of pain and is smiling and laughing again. As we get older it’s not that we miss people less, maybe it’s we realize we shall see each other again sooner rather then later. While we had many yesterdays, we will have many more tomorrows.”

Friends & Family

Johnnie Meek, Michele Mistishen, Melanie and Michael Reis, Elizabeth and Casey Gonzales, Sarah Mistishen, Kaitlyn Meek, Eric Jackson,Ethan Reis, Garrett,Kinsley, and Elinor Gonzales, Kylie and Carson Mistishen, and Isaiah Jackson.

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