Wanda St. Dennis

February 1950
July 2022


Wanda, Aka-(sloth) was the most caring person. She was the best mom and an awesome grandmother. She liked to go to coffee with her friends and play bingo. She mostly loved to spend time with her family and she loved eating donuts. It was her thing. She had a quirky sense of humor. She was very active before becoming ill. She liked roller coasters, zip lining, swimming, bowling, and miniature golf. She always had time for her grandchildren. She worked hard all her life and didn't have much. But what she did have was love, and to her that was the most important of all.

Friends & Family

She had two children. Karen and Greg. son-in-law, Robert and a daughter -in- law Lillian. She two grandchildren Samantha and Leah. She had four older sisters. Sandi, Norene, Leslie, and Rita.

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