William Hench

April 1928
September 2023


Bill was a giver, to family, friends, and people he just met who had a need. He enjoyed classical music, photography, technical writing, singing, and swimming. He loved to drive, many trips around the U S, including a trip to Alaska, 28 days, 8000 miles. He never complained and he always said BEST IN TOWN. He wrote poem 1 When a woman thinks a man is remarkable (which I did) and he thinks she is remarkable and they get together, what can happen is pretty remarkable. In school, he worked 2 springs and summers for the Fish and Wildlife counting Salmon in Alaska before it became a State. He joined the Marines, Aviation Duty, and was sent to Forest Service in Washington State fighting fires on a Mountain when his troop was notified that World War 11 was over and they could take 2 days off. Skyler Hench, his 11-year-old granddaughter wrote a paper titled "VETERANS I RESPECT" part of\ It's amazing that everyday people sacrifice their lives for us. MY grandpa was a Marine, and he is still as healthy as a horse, not really a horse, but he is healthy, 81 years old and can swim 100 laps. My Grandpa used a gun in the Marines and can still use it today for a good reasons. I'm glad because I will be protected by an old Marine. Bill was a technical writer for Northern Ordinance, near Minneapolis MN wrote Naval Publications the first Navy Missile Launching Systems "The Terior" anti aircraft and the "Talos" surface Missile At General Dynamics in FT Worth, TX. Nuclear Engineer, Division Editor on Theoretical and Experimental Research Reports aimed at developing a Nuclear Powered Airplane, very fascinating program, rolling back the frontier of Nuclear Science. developed Nuclear Weapon test and Loading Procedures for the B-58 Super Sonic Bomber and Senior Logistic Support Engineer coordinating Home Base Tech Support for F 111. Worked Becktel Power Corp. Rock Springs WY civil construction of 250 megawatt Coal Fired Power Plant. 1974 "Brown & Root, Power Division Staff Engineer on Comanche Peak Electric Station, a 2300 megawatt Nuclear Power Plant near Glen Rose TX. 45th man on job site just pastureland. Was responsible for preparation of all Safety Related construction procedures. Weekly, Monthly Progress Reports, all job sites Photography, approx. 5000 photos including Monthly Aerials. Responsible for Coordinating Resolutions of all non-conformance (QA/QC) Reports (NCR's). Dinosaur Tracks were found at the bottom of the containment building and Progress had to stop until removed Bill was a founder of Western Hills Little League in Fort Worth TX. He swam all his life, in 1995 a friend convinced him to enter a Senior Citizen in Lubbock TX, age 67. He won every event got 5 Gold Medals made of plastic. His 12-year-old grandson Vincent Lemma told everyone his grandpa won 5 FAKE GOLD MEDALS. Went to Senior National Sports Classic in San Antonio, TX Placed in 4 freestyle Top Ten in Nation. Swan 80 laps for 80 yrs. He loved singing and joking with his wonderful caregivers.

Friends & Family

In loving Memory wife in latter years Nancy Robinson Hench, Sons Steve and wife Johnel, Scott, Grandsons Vicent Lemma wife Kim, Chris Hench Granddaughters Skyler Hench. Laura Hench, Great Grandsons Hunter, and Langston Lemma, All Caregivers and Friends, Predeceased: First Wife Margaret Garnes Hench, Daughter Michelle Lemma

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