William Jennings

April 1961
August 2022


My husband (Bill) was a devoted loving Husband, Father and Pappy. He loved his family with all his heart. He was a huge fan of the band KISS saw them over 60 times in his life. He was also a die heart Raiders Fan since he was a young boy. We finally moved from the city to the country about 4 years ago and he loved our new house. He is a Veteran served in the Navy & Marines. He enjoyed all kinds of music had a huge collection that he listened too. Also enjoyed watching movies. He has touched so many lives in a positive way and is missed by so many. We miss him so much always in our hearts. LOVE YOU

Friends & Family

Patricia Hartley-Jennings (wife), Joshua Bartha (son), Dustin Jennings (son), Heather Bartha (daughter), Deidre Hartley-Jennings (daughter), Darrell (grandchild), Jedrik (grandchild), Sophia (grandchild), Ryker (grandchild), Connor (grandchild)

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