William Paschane

August 1960
January 2024


William R. Paschane, Also Known as Uncle Bill/Billy, was a loving father and hard worker who enjoyed his time. He enjoyed coaching his son in recreational soccer and baseball throughout his years. He was a very unique person. He had an odd sense of humor. He could make your jaw drop by things he would say. He loved sports like golf, football, basketball, and baseball. He was outspoken and loved a challenge in social conversation topics. He was a strong man and yet was sensitive at times. He knew how to have a good time and could be generous. Bill was also very set in his ways. He knew what he wanted and that's the way it was. As time passed, Bill's heart softened. He became more aware of others and their troubles. He wanted to be right with everyone. I will miss my weekly talks with my uncle. I will miss his humor. I will miss him as my uncle and as my friend. We hope Bill's contribution to his body provides a great learning opportunity to help others.

Friends & Family

Tribute written by his son, nephew and ex-wife

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