Zakary Shirly

October 1990
April 2017


Ocean made of stars, Look up high, Into the sky, Dream about love, and the angles that play above, Swim in the ocean made up of stars, Like riding on train cars through the milky way, I pray my soul will rest in the clouds, We pick the path that we decide, The road is paved with the love in your heart, I’ll try to stay strong, No matter how hard, I’ll try it over again and again, I have traveled from coast to coast, I’ve seen it all from in the bay, of California to West LA, I live with all my regrets, But I’ll always miss, The thing we used to have, No matter what they say, You were my man, I’m sorry for the things that I did, The things that I said. I never meant to hurt you, I have nothing to say but say that I’m sorry, I hope one day you’ll forgive me, and we can put it behind us, I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re happy. From deep in Texas, Up in Colorado, Lived in Chicago, But now I’m live in the place that I wanted. Where the sun is always shining, Far from anyone I know, From anything familiar, Making my name, Something, Something, I don’t know – by Zak Thor I’ll never forget you Zak and the impact you had on my life… I love you bro!!!! I’m gonna miss you like crazy!!! R.I.P – Kyle VoylesZak Thor was such an inspiration, I’m truly saddened by this. Zak and I never officially met, but we chatted every so often on social media (Facebook / Instagram). We both lived in Austin before he moved to California, and I watched him grow from there. My deepest condolences go out for such truly beautiful soul. – Michael KingRIP to a beautiful soul who was my kick ass personal trainer Zak Thor… Always full of laughter and always pushing me to be the best and strongest I can be. Always and forever love you Zak. – Steph WarpaintSometimes the biggest hearts and the brightest lights don’t know what they have. Remind them. – Zoe KatsarosZak Thor always had a huge smile and big hugs waiting for me every time I saw him. He had such a sweet kind heart and beautiful soul that I will miss dearly. He lit up every room he walked into so effortlessly. If you knew Zak you knew how contagious that smile and personality was – Jennifer Lynn StumpfI knew your light, because it pierced the endless grey clouds that surrounded me. I knew your joy, because it danced with me as streamers fell and the night turned into day. I knew your dreams, because as I lay there listening to your voice – soft and wistful against the still of night – I remembered that I, too, had dreams calling out to me to live. I knew your pain, Zak, because it was the fear inside the hope that brought us together. You were so strong, Zak, but you didn’t know that you didn’t have to carry it all on your own. You were so beautiful, Zak, but you didn’t know that all we saw was your soul. You were so loved, Zak, but you didn’t know that was enough – Michael Browne

Friends & Family

Ginger Shirley – Mother, Fred Shirley – Father, Ian Shirley – Brother, Spencer Shirley – Brother, Friends – too many to list

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