A no-cost alternative to traditional funeral & cremation services in Florida

Two of the biggest questions people have when searching for end-of-life options are: How much will the services cost, and what will they be able to afford?

Cremation cost factors

While cremation typically offers a substantial cost savings over a funeral, prices can vary dramatically with both. Factors include:

  • Where you live — larger cities tend to be more expensive
  • The funeral home or cremation provider you work with
  • Additional services requested

If the cost of cremation or a funeral is a concern, a no-cost option is available to you and your family: body donation to science through Science Care.

Average cost of funeral service in the U.S.

$7,360 and up

Cost of cremation services in the U.S.

$1,100 - $3,700

Cost of donating your body to Science Care


Expenses paid by Science Care

  • Coordination of transportation
  • Filing of the death certificate
  • Return of cremated remains not matched with a current Science Care program within 3-5 weeks

Body donors to science can still have a memorial service

By choosing Science Care as an alternative to traditional funerals or cremations, families:

  • Take pride knowing their loved one can contribute to the advancement of medicine
  • Save financially
  • Still have a choice in holding their own memorial service

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