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We work directly with numerous healthcare and senior care organizations including skilled nursing care facilities, hospice and palliative care organizations, convalescent homes, rest homes and nursing homes, home health care services, hospitals, social service organizations, continuing care retirement communities, assisted-living communities and more.

Science Care is one of the world’s largest no-cost accredited body donation programs, serving as the link between individuals who want to give back to medical research and the medical researchers in need of human tissue in order to further their medical research.

How Can We Help?


If you have a patient who is terminally ill and you would like to have Science Care contact you to complete the screening for our HOPE Program prior to presenting the option to your patient, please fill out the brief contact sheet to begin the process.


To report a patient’s passing please call us immediately at 877.982.0275. Our caring staff is available 24/7 and here to assist you and the patient’s family.


If you would like to set up a presentation about Science Care and body donation for your organization, please email us or call 800.417.3747 and we’ll be happy to discuss setting this up for the next time we are in your area.


If you would like to request brochures to hand out to patients and families, please email us or call 800.417.3747. If sending an email, please include your full mailing address and brochure quantity needed.

Learn more about working with Science Care and talking to families about whole body donation.

“Many of our patients and families have not thought far enough into the future about what they would like to do for their final arrangements…Working with Science Care staff has been easy, as they are knowledgeable, courteous, and sensitive to the needs of our families. Whenever there is a question about arrangements, I think of Science Care.” Victor G. Director of Social Services, Delta Hospice

Giving HOPE to Future Generations

Our HOPE® Program for hospice and terminally ill patients makes the process of donation easier.

HOPE® Program Benefits

  • No cost to donors or families
  • Complete donation arrangements in advance
  • No upper age limit
  • Tissue not recovered for research and education is cremated and returned in 3-5 weeks
  • Available 24 hours
  • Coordination of transportation, filing of death certificate, cremation & return of remains
  • Family follow up letter 1-month after donation explaining donor’s contribution to research
  • Tree planted on the 1-year anniversary of donation in honor of each donor


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What to Expect Upon Referral

  • Quick & simple screening process (10-15 minutes)
  • Donor Services Coordinator gathers medical & social history, coordinates all consent forms and other documentation needed
  • Nearly all will qualify. Even those suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, ALS, Alzheimer’s or arthritis.
  • Exclusions for donation may include:

Contagious disease: HIV/Aids, Hep B/C, TB, Syphilis,  etc. Extreme obesity or extreme low weight

“Interim HealthCare The Gift of Hospice has worked closely with Science Care for several years and our patients and their family members have only positive feedback as it relates to the care and service they provide. From the planning in advance and the ease of making final donation arrangements to the handling of loved ones, survivor satisfaction surveys speak highly of the personal, individualized, and professional services provided by Science Care.” – Donna S. Olson, Owner and Administrator, San Diego

Meet your frontline community team

Amber Chairez

Donation Services Team Lead – Pennsylvania | Illinois | Florida

Rachel Thorman

Donor Services Manager

Renee Choate

Donation Services Team Lead – Arizona | California | Colorado

“As a Medical Social Worker, I frequently have End-Of-Life option discussions with patients and their families or care-giving system as they make their personal wishes known while assessing alternatives for the future. Most patients think their bodies are too used up and diseased to be useful. They are often pleasantly surprised to discover they may have the opportunity to ‘give back’ to society and medical science through the whole body anatomical donation process.” – J. Griffin MSW, MSG

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What to Expect – The Donation Process

A guideline for patients and patient families.

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