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Science Care is a body donation to science program that helps future generations through improved scientific research and education.

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Body donation to science: The ultimate gift to future generations

Because of the generosity of those who have donated their bodies to science, we all experience:

Increased life expectancy
Increased quality of life

The need for body donation to science touches every part of our lives. If you have ever taken any type of prescription medication, used any type of skin product, or had any type of surgery, you've benefited from donors who helped to develop all areas of medicine. See more reasons why you should consider donating.

Thank you to every donor who has given their final gift to make our lives better!

Body donation to science

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What is body donation to science?

Body donation to science is a way to leave your mark on the world. The gift of donation allows medical researchers and educators to practice, learn, and create new techniques that continue to improve and save lives.

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What costs are associated with body donation?

Upon acceptance into the Science Care program, there are no costs associated with your donation. We take care of all expenses, including transportation, funeral home expenses, and cremation.

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