5 Organizations that Support Aging Adults

5 Organizations that Support Aging Adults

As the years pass, we start to notice the inevitable impact of aging on us and our loved ones. Aging is a natural process, but if you’re not sure where to go for resources or support, it can cause stress and uncertainty.

The reality is that America is older than we’ve ever been collectively. In 2022, the number of Americans that were 65 and older was about 58 million. That number is expected to rise 47% by 2050. 

The journey of supporting aging loved ones is uncharted territory for most, and we know that the challenges can feel overwhelming at times. We’re here to share five organizations that are dedicated to providing assistance and guidance to both aging adults and their loved ones. From healthcare advocacy to community engagement and beyond, these organizations offer invaluable assistance and peace of mind in times of uncertainty. Keep reading to explore the invaluable resources available to ensure our loved ones receive the support they truly deserve.

1. National Council on Aging

NCOA was founded in 1950 to deliver resources, tools, best practices and advocacy to ensure every person can age with health and financial security.

  • NCOA Benefits Checkup – This tool connects aging adults and people with disabilities with benefits programs that can help pay for health care, medicine, food, utilities, and more. 
  • Resources – Comprehensive, unbiased information is available on the website for older adults and their caregivers to take small steps for a big impact on their health and financial security. 

2. Eldercare Locator

This service is provided by the U.S. Administration on Aging to connect older adults and their caregivers to resources that can alleviate challenges and improve quality of life.  


This membership is one of the leading senior advocacy organizations in the world, offering a variety of programs, services, and more for aging adults. 

  • Membership – While many resources and tools are available on the AARP website for free, you do receive additional benefits when you register as a member for around $16 a year. 
  • Benefits – Members experience extensive discounts on travel, support for medical needs such as vision, hearing or dental, a job board and more. 
  • Advocacy – The AARP Foundation defends and supports the rights of aging adults through the legal system by fighting consumer fraud and discrimination in health care, employment, housing and more. 

4. Meals on Wheels

Powered entirely by volunteers, Meals on Wheels supports more than 5,000 community-based programs across the country dedicated to addressing senior hunger and isolation. 

  • Consistent Nutrition – Nearly 10 million aging adults experience hunger every day, and Meals on Wheels addresses this through providing good, healthy meals to meet the preferences and needs of the aging adults. 
  • Social Connection – Many aging adults experience increased isolation and loneliness. When volunteers come to their door each week, it helps them build and maintain social connection. 
  • Safety, Resources, and Referrals – Through the consistent presence of dedicated volunteers, aging adults have another trusted person to help monitor their environment for safety and help match them to additional services as needed. 

5. Medicare

This federal health insurance program is available for aging adults over the age of 65 and some people under 65 who have certain disabilities, conditions, or diseases. For those who are eligible, it can help make necessary medical resources accessible financially. 

While no one can eliminate the uncertainties aging, we hope these resources help prepare caregivers, loved ones, and aging adults for navigating the systems that can offer vital support. 

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