HOPE® Program for terminally-ill patients or people in hospice or palliative care

Anyone who has been diagnosed as terminally ill, or is under hospice or palliative care, and is in an eligible state can be screened for acceptance into the Science Care’s HOPE® Program. Upon acceptance, there is a one-year guarantee* that provides peace of mind to both the donor and their loved ones. Restrictions apply see T&Cs below.

Note: Science Care registration does not equal guaranteed acceptance. You must be enrolled in the HOPE® Program. If you become terminally ill after registering with Science Care, you must call Science Care to be screened for enrollment in the HOPE® Program.

Simply complete the form below or call Science Care at (800) 417-3747 ext. 2 to complete a screening.

HOPE® Program Pre-enrollment Form

Your information is never shared and is kept confidential with restricted access.

If you are filling out this form on behalf of the patient, please provide your contact details below.

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HOPE® Program benefits

  • Joining the Science Care Registry is not required prior to joining the HOPE Program
  • No upper age limit. Most people will qualify.
  • Allows for pre-screening and one-year guaranteed acceptance for peace of mind. Restrictions apply. Please see below the HOPE® Program Terms & Conditions.
  • No cost associated with the coordination of transportation, filing of the death certificate, cremation, or the return of cremated remains not matched with a current Science Care program.
  • Phone line (800) 417-3747 is available 24 hours

How does the HOPE® Program work?

  • Review our HOPE® Program checklist and process here.
  • The patient must be diagnosed as terminally ill, or be under hospice or palliative care.
  • The patient, loved one, or healthcare provider may initiate the HOPE® Program process by filling out the form above or by calling Science Care at (800) 417-3747 ext. 2.
  • A quick pre-screen is required to determine if the patient meets criteria for current research or training programs.
  • Once accepted, Science Care will work with the patient, legal next of kin, and/or healthcare provider to complete as much of the donation paperwork as legally allowed. This includes self-consent for patients who are able to sign. There can be no history of memory loss, confusion, Alzheimer’s, or dementia at the time of signing. This simplifies the process at the time of the patient’s passing.
  • Science Care will determine the highest consenting class in order to obtain consent after passing, if needed.
  • At the time of passing, all required paperwork or follow-up questions will be finalized. Science Care will arrange for transportation and cremation.
  • Tissue not recovered for research and education is cremated and returned in 3-5 weeks from the time the physician signs the death certificate, if a cremated remains recipient is designated.

Program Terms & Conditions

  • The HOPE® Program donor and/or donor loved one has completed the medical screening assessment with Science Care and acceptance is granted.
  • A valid authorization for donation and cremation must be provided to Science Care by the donor prior to passing, or by the required number of the highest legal order next of kin after passing.
  • The terms and conditions as established by Science Care’s informed consent for donation and cremation will apply.
  • The donor or legal next of kin must not have revoked the informed consent for donation or cremation, which they may legally revoke at any point in the process prior to tissue procurement.
  • The donor must reside in one of the eligible states at the time of passing. We are not able to accept donations from countries outside of the U.S.
  • Upon passing, timely notification to Science Care is required in order to maintain tissue integrity for medical research and education.
  • Upon passing, Science Care must be contacted immediately to dispatch a Science Care partner to assist with the removal and donation process. Failure to contact Science Care immediately or choosing to dispatch your own funeral home could impact acceptance.
  • Participation in the HOPE® Program is valid for 12 months from the time of enrollment.*
  • Science Care cannot guarantee the patient will pass in a manner that allows for donation and placement in to our Program based on overall donor condition at the time of passing, the cause of death, or the time of passing versus discover. If for any reason we are not able to proceed with honoring the gift of donation, we will refer the donor’s family to another program or crematory in the area.
  • Science Care reserves the right to change the terms of or discontinue the HOPE® Program at any time and without prior notice.
  • *Science Care reserves the right to decline donation at the time of passing due to unforeseen circumstances that are outside of our immediate control.  An extraordinary event or circumstance beyond our control such as a pandemic, regulation change, war, act of god, etc. may prevent us from being able to honor the donation. Therefore, we would refer the donor’s family to another program or crematory in their area that may be able to assist.
  • The HOPE® Program will be conducted under the terms established by Science Care standard policies and procedures, and in accordance with all applicable state, federal and local laws.