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Services Offered at No Cost to Your Family

Donating Your Body To Science

At Science Care, our donor program strives to help meet the needs of the medical community while fulfilling your wishes and making the process simple and helpful for your family members. Making a whole body donation is one of the most compassionate funeral alternatives available. When you donate your body to science, Science Care can eliminate and cover all of the costs. With the rising costs of living and final arrangements, whole body donation can be a real blessing not only for medical researchers but for family members. Learn More

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Donor Family Next of Kin on the Benefits of Free Cremation

“The kindness and caring employees you have. The ease of signing up, and of course, no cost. But as a retired Nurse, I know how much can be learned from donating my fathers body to Science Care. I am also signed up as a donor as is my spouse.”

“We all think about the ones we leave behind. Funerals are expensive and a memorial is much easier. The cost is a main concern and I think free cremation is a good option also helping students is a plus for them and medical research. Burial takes up so much land and our population is growing. Thank you.”

“Your Rep was polite, courteous and informative, like talking with family. Seemed caring about loss, at no cost saved us money we didn’t have. My sister outlived her family and I was her only relative left (brother) No need for plaques or monuments. Glad to be helpful to the future of modern medicine, it has come so far.”

“The people I worked with were extremely nice and sensitive to my feelings. The fact that you guys paid for everything including transportation to the mortuary was a huge burden lifted off of me and my family. I really don’t know what you could have done better.”

Whole Body Donation Benefits Include:

Donating Your Body To Science

  • Honoring your wish to leave a lasting legacy for future generations
  • Cremation and transportation from the location of passing
  • A simple process; pre-registration is not required to donate
  • Filing of the death certificate
  • Tissue not recovered for research and education is cremated and returned in 3-5 weeks
  • Letter after donation updating family members on current research projects and the impact your donation has made to society
  • Memorial tree planting at the one-year anniversary of donation through our Memory in Nature program supporting forests in need


Print out our comparison guide which explains the differences between burial, cremation and donation.

It is our pleasure to speak with you in more detail about the process of donation, the outcomes of medical research and training and the amazing benefits to your family members. Call us any time, day or night, to speak with a Donor Services Coordinator 800.417.3747.

A Life-Affirming Choice

Giving Hope Through Whole Body Donation

Joining the donor registry is an important first step and helps to make your wishes known to your loved ones. Your information is never shared and is kept confidential with restricted access.

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About Whole Body Donation

If you need more information or have questions about whole body donation, please give us a call. Our family services coordinators are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and can answer all of your questions.

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