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Shifting Trend Towards Cremation in the Funeral Home Industry

According to a recent article in time.com, almost 1 in 2 Americans were cremated in 2015, surpassing burial rates for the first time. Time Magazine states that according to the Cremation Association of North America, the cremation rate for 2015 was almost 49% nationwide, compared with an estimated burial rate of 45%. This is quite amazing when you consider that just 35 years ago, the cremation rate stood at around 10%. READ MORE

Planning for Death

We liked this article that was recently published on www.montereyherald.com written by Liza Horvath, a professional trustee and estate planner with more than 30 years’ experience. In the article, Liza discusses some of the most important items that need to be considered when planning for death or at the time of passing, such as knowing ahead of time if you intend to donate your body to science or have your organs donated. Both are time sensitive.READ MORE

How to Help Someone Through a Bereavement

Sooner or later everyone is confronted by a grief-stricken friend, tries to find words to comfort them, and is ultimately reduced to silence. The truth is, you can’t end their suffering. The bereaved want the one thing you can’t give them: the person they’ve lost. And yet, if you can’t end their suffering, you can at least ease it a little.READ MORE

Can you still have a memorial service with cremation?

A memorial service is a broad term for any type of gathering to celebrate and commemorate the life of a deceased loved one. Today there is no formula for a memorial service. Whether the decedent is to be buried in a traditional grave, cremated and scattered at sea, or donated to medical science with cremated remains placed in an urn for the family…the memorial service itself is a separate component of the death and grieving process. It is an important part to be sure.READ MORE

Do funeral homes write obituaries?

Let’s begin by defining obituary. An obituary is: Anotice of death, with or without a biographical sketch, often with information about memorialization services, and historically printed in a newspaper.

This leads to the next question:

Who reads newspapers anymore and what is the value of an obituary today?READ MORE

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